İBots - The emerging technology for meme-management.

İBots (pronounced see-bots) is the new meme-robotic tool that combats the toxic effect of corporate meme overload.

This virtual-subliminal technology provides freedom from subconscious instructions. By combining pop-culture icons with virtual robotics, İBots gives individuals the power to control the meme population of their own minds.

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İBots resemble dolls, supermodels, political figures, or historical icons. Our database of pop-culture imagery and component editor gives you everything you need to build your own İBot and distribute it online, without any manufacturing infrastructure, high-priced union labor, or sweatshops.

A İBot Sampler:

'Mr. Drippy Naked' by Dr. Ruth 'Mei Acerbus' by Veneficus 'I Am Your Muse' by webmuse 'Lovers mmmmm' by perdue@ballsemi.com 'In A Chemical World' by Sally Bally

Darth Jagger Little Toe