How to Make a GLApp project in Eclipse

If you don't have Eclipse installed you'll need to download and install Eclipse (choose the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers")


Step 1. Create a project

In Eclipse choose menu options: File --> New --> Project -->Java Project. and click Next.

Enter project name "glapp"

Check radio button: "use project folder as root for source and class files"

Click Finish button


Step2. Download zip file and Locate the folder in workspace

Download the "Eclipse project for Win/Mac" zip file.

Unzip it into the Eclipse workspace folder. This will populate the glapp project folder in workspace


Step3. Refresh the Project

Right click on the glapp project name in the Eclipse left side pane.

Click Refresh in the popup menu


Step 4. Add Libraries to the project

Right click on the glapp project name in the Eclipse left side pane

Click Properties

Click Java Build Path

Click the Libraries tab

Click Add Jars button

Click the plus (+) next to "glapp" to show the jars in the project

Ctrl-click the three jars (glapp.jar, lwjgl.jar, lwjgl_util.jar)

Click OK

Click OK again on the Properties window


Step 5. Run a Demo

Click the gldemo package under the glapp project in Eclipse left side pane

Doubleclick to open it

Click the menu option: Run | Run As | Java Application

You should see a window open with white triangle on a black background