GLART Week 5 Assignment

1) Pick either the orbiting planets or the cityscape that we've worked on, and
   develop it further:

   * Add textures to the shapes
   * Experiment with texture coordinates to scale and repeat the textures
   * You can use the "textured quad" example from the class notes as
         a starting point, or for spheres use the "Texture with Material" example.
   * Use the JOApp.renderCube() function to draw a cube with normals and texture coordinates.
   * Try texture with lighting disabled and enabled.
   * See how textures behave over materials, and with different lighting effects.
   * Try to create a specific surface quality, for instance:
         a wooden ball or box
         a stone ball or box
         granite columns
   * Be specific about what kind of material and lighting quality you
         are trying to create. You'll learn more about lighting if you
         look at the world around you and try to emulate something that
         you can see.  Textures help a lot in creating the illusion
         of a material.
   * If you want a challenge: try using the circle drawing algorithms (from
         our flower exercise) to create discs that rotate in space.  Find
         images of coins (google image search should help). Generate the
         texture coordinates to map the coin image onto the circular geometry.
         Add lighting and material to give the right surface quality.

Google image search is your friend.  You can find images to use for textures there.
And there are several sites that specialize in texture images.  Here are some:


Planet Textures