Some cultures still fear the camera, believing that 
it is capable of stealing a manís soul.

	A photograph records the light reflected from a personís body.
	Scan the photograph to create a digital image.
	Take the image from a newsgroup.
	Cut the image into pieces.
	Frame the pieces of the image of the photograph of the body.
	Appropriate the pieces as art.

The web is a human space, created by humans for humans.  It is an 
extension of the social, emotional and physical worlds 
created by the human species.

"STOLEN" is:

	fragments of images of human bodies, 
	taken from news groups, 
	minimally retouched in Adobe PhotoShop.

	13 eyes
	14 hands
	11 feet
	20 nipples

	an HTML and JavaScript interface.

	19 words

	designed for Netscape Navigator 3.01 on an IBM compatible PC 
	with a screen size of 800 x 600 pixels.